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PLM Support Services

Integware provides tailored PLM support services that can be structured to sufficiently suit your support needs.

PLM Support Services

Integware provides post PLM deployment support services. Typically this is considered “3rd-level” support, meaning the engineer is not the first line of defense to users (i.e. not a help desk person), but is brought in to solve problems with the solution and typically works with the client’s technical team vs. end users.

We provide dedicated PLM support engineers, either onshore or offshore, whichever is more appropriate for the specific type of support (taking advantage of lower offshore labor rates will be the favored alternative whenever practical and possible).

Other types of post go-live PLM support are also available such as that involving Organizational Change Management (OCM), emergency enhancement type support, planned upgrade programs and patch release support.

For traditional, technical PLM support, the Integware support team is available to troubleshoot issues, provide application back-end support for customer help desk staff, and provide implementation related bug fixes. The terms of a support SOW define necessary escalation processes and availability of management staff.