Innovation Meets Compliance

Energy Product Lifecycle Management

Enabling Innovation, Optimizing Assets.

The global energy industry is under pressure with exponential demand growth, accelerating pressures for new, sustainable energy sources and delivery models. Minimizing waste, optimizing IP, improving innovation, accelerating time to market and facilitating collaboration across the supply chain are some the key areas for competitive advantage.

New products, tools, new construction and maintenance projects are increasingly complex while at the same time quality, health, safety and environmental regulations are becoming more stringent and under tighter public and government scrutiny. Given these challenges, companies are striving to drive efficiencies and innovation. Product Lifecycle Management as a discipline - a competency, enabled by best-in-class processes and systems provides companies the same proven practices that have helped manufacturers optimize product lifecycle performance and optimize supply chain costs the capabilities that are also effective in designing, building, operating and maintaining plants - from offshore production platforms, to hydroelectric and nuclear power to solar and wind-energy farms.

Integware helps global energy clients transform the entire energy supply chain from developing new technologies to mitigating downtime risk, to optimizing the supply chain. Our clients benefit from over 20 years of experience across technically complex and highly regulated industries to offer best practices and demonstrable benefit.