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PLM Accelerating the Future

Product innovation and competition in the automotive industry is coming from every angle and every part of the globe. Product innovations driving efficiency, safety, comfort, driver assistance and production costs. Cars and trucks are becoming more complex while differentiation between the best and the rest is blurring. Consumers are better informed, have more options and they are less loyal. Safety, quality, innovative features and style are expected in every price range.

At the core of developing great products is the collaboration between the designers; those focused on the consumers, the inventors; those focused on new technologies and capabilities and the supply chain; those focused on innovating sourcing and production systems to bring quality products to market quickly and cost competitively. Effective, efficient and innovative Product Lifecycle Management disciplines are necessary to compete and dominate any market sector.

Integware offers global experience in helping A&T clients innovate faster, meeting quality, compliance and cost objectives throughout the supply chain.