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PLM Training & Education

PLM Training and Education

Integware brings experts in Product Lifecycle Management to deliver premium PLM Training and Education.

We offer a variety of PLM training classes, including:

PLM Concepts Training: In our PLM Concepts training course we cover the different aspects of Integware’s highly popular PLM Maturity Model® and introduce core technology concepts. The course approaches the four levels of the PLM Maturity model:

Integware PLM Maturity Model®

  1. Level 1 – PLM Framework: This covers the foundational components of PLM and discusses the various PLM systems on the market. This course also looks at what comprises a PLM system, basic concepts such as vaulting, objects, relationships, search, security, etc.
  2. Level 2 – Foundation: This part of the course covers change control, document management and new product introduction process. We review approaches to change control and best practices business rules in this space.
  3. Level 3 – Engineering: This section of the course reviews the liberating of information from documents into information driven approach. During this course, we review advanced capabilities such as Bill of Material (BOM) Management, Device Master Record, CAD and ERP integration techniques. We also review advanced business rules for these layers such as those critical to BOM management and product configurations.
  4. Level 4 – Advanced Integrated Automation: This training course looks at other advanced areas of PLM which drive the workflow and integrated data-driven (as opposed to document driven) flows across the entire lifecycle.

The course is broken into distinct categories:

1. PLM Governance and Implementation Methodology Training: Integware has successfully managed 100;s of PLM programs. In this course we teach:

  • Running a PLM program
  • Developing a PLM strategy
  • Defining the charter
  • PLM Organizational Change Management tools and techniques, including “how to internally sell PLM”
  • Developing a successful governance model
  • Managing user expectations
  • Striking a balance between OOTB, best practices and unique configurations
  • Implementation methodology

2. PLM Platform Training: Integware partners with most of the leading PLM platform vendors to deliver world class solutions. Partnerships include:

  • Aras Innovator
  • Dassault Systemes ENOVIA
  • Siemens Teamcenter PLM
  • Oracle Agile

For standard courses on these platforms we recommend discussing with the software vendor. Integware can develop client specific configuration training courses on these PLM platforms.

3. QMS Training: In our QMS training course covers:

  • The core concepts of QMS system, basics and good constructs
  • Components of a good QMS system (covering people, processes and tools)
  • Introduction to 21-CFR-Part 820 (FDA Quality System requirements) and ISO 13485
  • Understanding each aspect of part 820 and equivalent 13485 sections (including management responsibilities, design controls, production controls, CAPA, etc.)

The course includes a written test and certification as well as a student lead exercise at the end developing a recommended people-process-tools approach to solving a variety of QMS issues.

This course is ideal for all involved in QMS, especially QMS managers and quality function personnel.