Innovation Meets Compliance

Agile Product Lifecycle Management

Why Oracle’s Agile PLM?

Oracle’s complete Agile PLM solutions help companies solve one of today’s most complex challenges: how to innovate profitably. As product needs grow increasingly complex on a global scale, old methods of collaboration like manual or point systems – even email – are growing obsolete. Business leaders aiming to optimize all aspects of designing, developing, launching, servicing, and disposing of products in an integrated, best-in-class model are choosing to partner with Oracle to leverage our deep expertise, broad portfolio, and strong community commitment. Oracle’s Agile PLM is the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise PLM solution, and a key building block required to manage product value chains.

Only Oracle’s Agile PLM helps organizations of all types and sizes:

  • Accelerate innovation through ideation management and collaboration, product portfolio management and analytics, data consolidation and cleansing, and a rich enterprise product record
  • Design for supply with product cost management, outsourced manufacturing and product collaboration, product supply risk analytics, and spend consolidation
  • Rapidly commercialize through integrated portfolio and business planning, enterprise quality management and analytics, and clean product data publishing through a seamless integration with other product value chain management solutions

Because of a solid track record of references and time-to-value focused implementations, more than 1,500 global companies rely on Agile PLM solutions to help them align their product value chains and achieve their innovation goals. Learn how we can support your organization, too.