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The PLM Maturity Model®

PLM Maturity Model®

The interactive PLM Maturity Model® gives more detail to what each part of the model covers.  Click on the boxes below to see the detail:

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Level 1 - PLM Framework: This covers the foundational components of PLM and discusses the various PLM systems on the market. This looks at what comprises a PLM system, basic concepts such as vaulting, objects, relationships, search, security, etc.

Level 2 - Foundation: This part of the course covers change control, document management and new product introduction process. We review approaches to change control and best practices business rules in this space.

Level 3 - Engineering: This part of the course reviews the liberating of information from documents into information driven approach. During this course, we review advanced capabilities such as Bill of Material (BOM) Management, Device Master Record, CAD and ERP integration techniques. We also review advanced business rules for these layers such as those critical to BOM management and product configurations.

Level 4 - Advanced Integrated Automation: This training course looks at other advanced areas of PLM which drive the workflow and integrated data-driven (as opposed to document driven) flows across the entire lifecycle.